Saturday, March 23, 2013

Visible Thinkers

This week we have tried a few new thinking routines in Room 8.  First, we tried Compass Points in computer lab.  I told students about our class blog and told them I plan to have them post comments to some of my posts on the blog.  I asked them to share their thinking on this idea of posting their thoughts on our blog.  The Compass Points routine has a set of four questions that students were asked to respond to.  I asked the class to respond to at least two questions.  I thought the students did a pretty good job posting comments to the blog for our first time!  I'm anxious to see how much our thinking improves by June.  Take a look at the "Compass Points" post and your child's comments below.

After reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, I asked the students to "step inside" the character of Edward.  At the end of the story, Edward is reunited with his original owner, Abilene, after many years of separation.  The Step Inside routine asks students to think about the following: What does your character think?, How does your character feel?, What does your character see?, and What does your character do?  Students needed to think beyond the end of the book and write about what they thought Edward would be thinking, feeling, doing next.  Below are a couple of student examples.

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