Thursday, March 21, 2013

Compass Points

E = Excitements.  What excites you about this idea?
W = Worries.  What do you find worrisome about this idea?
N = Needs.  What else do you need to know or find out about this idea?
S = Suggestions.  What suggestions do you have at this point?


  1. N I need to type better.
    S If I knew how to type.
    E I,m excitd to go on the computer.
    W I,m worried if all mess up.

    by Luke

  2. E= Excitement I'm excited about bloging on this blog
    N= Need When can I do this?
    W= Worried I am worried if I blog on the rong blog

  3. e if we do this the rest of the yere
    n we need to do this with evry grad
    w if no one wants to be the secrit reader inemor
    s we shod do this more oftin
    by khalil

  4. E I am exited becaus I can share my ideas
    N do we need to do the test?

    by Alex

  5. e im ixidid to be on the blog

    w i mit git sumthing rong
    by ethan

  6. N= needs- I need to know how you get are geting are comments.
    E= exitments- im exited because I can tell you if anything is confusing me.-
    S-suggetions-I suggest you couuld make something that lets you write back to us.
    W=wories im woried if my mom will let me send a comment to you by Vishal

  7. E- I am exited to know that you have a blog!

    I will try to visit your blog every day and
    write a comment.

    N- I need you to know that I might not respond every day.
    By Charlee

    By Charlee

  8. e=excitements.that we are lerning about fraction
    w= worries.I am gona get a 0 on my tast
    s=suggestion. can we have a taset a goan.

    by mary

  9. E-I am excited because this is my first time doing this
    N-What other things are we going to write about?
    S-Write about different things.
    By Michael

  10. E=I am exited because I naver did this befor.
    W= I am worried that I am going to docter.
    N=I need a pancel.

  11. E=EXCITMENT.I'm excited because I get to text, and talk,to you on the computer.By Ava.
    W=WORRIES. I'm worried about if the computer shuts down when I'm typing.By Ava.

  12. E- I am excited to post things
    W- I am worried that I won't have any posts to think of
    N- Can I post anything?
    S- We can post things that were challenging to us.
    By Stephen

  13. e I am excited to share my ideas ndoineedtodoiteveryday

  14. s you should read buddyfiles the case of the school gost by lilly

  15. E=excitements.Iam excited to learn wear the blog is.
    N=needs.I need to know if raz kids is helping me in reading?

    by Chelsea

  16. E I'm exsited that we get to chat on the computer!

    W I'm worried that everybody that goes on the blog will see.

    N I need to know if everybody will comment on it

    S I suggest that we don't let everybody see

  17. E=I am excited that we did this for the first time.
    W=I am worried that I will not type fast anfa.
    N=I need to learn how to read better.
    s=I suggest we get more math games.
    by makayla

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  19. E I am excited that this is my first time doing this and it is very fun.
    W I'm worried that I'll spell something wrong.
    by katie

  20. e= I wold like to post stuf to you.
    w= what if I go on the wrong thing?

  21. E=I'm excited to type on a blog for the first time.
    N=I need to know how to write on blogs.

    by Julian

  22. E I'm excited to publish my comments
    W I'm worried I will type too slow
    S I think you should post more pictures
    By Justin

  23. N I need to know how to get on at home.
    S I think we should do something about the frashcin gumballs.
    E I am excited to post something on a blog mrs.wood!!!
    w I am worried that my parints won`t let me.


  24. E=I am excited about doing this.
    W=I am worried about doing this right.
    S=I suggest we learn more then we need to know
    By Anagha

  25. E I am excited because I had never did this before
    W I am worried if I type too fast
    By Sahil


  26. W=i am wired of what i am doing rite now.

    E=i am exsied bucause i did this befor
    by Madison