Saturday, March 2, 2013

Room 8 Update

Reader's Workshop
This week we started our Character Study Unit.  Students and I worked together to pick a story character they would like to study. They have focused on their character's appearance and personality this week. We have also looked more closely at our character's relationships with other personalities in the books we read. As a class, we are studying the Pigeon character from author Mo Willems. The students and I work together to complete a page from the Character Study packet before completing a page on their own about their character.

Writer's Workshop
We have finished our Authors as Mentors Unit. Students chose a personal narrative from their writing pieces to publish. They've rewritten their personal narrative as a final copy, including revisions and detailed pictures. To go along with our Reader's Workshop Character Study, we have taken a closer look at Mo Willems' writing and his Pigeon character from books such as: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late. Students have begun creating their own version of a Don't Let the Pigeon _______book. I've already heard several great ideas!

Math Workshop
This week we focused on complements of 10, doubling, and halving. I also worked with several students in small groups on two-digit subtraction with regrouping. Please help your child practice this skill at home if you notice they're having trouble. We also played two new games this week--Hit the Target and Basketball Addition.

We began our Sound Unit on Friday.  In small groups, students worked together to record their thinking about sound. They rotated around the room to brainstorm ideas about the following: Sounds We Have Heard, Ways to Make Sound, and What We Wonder About Sound. I was really impressed with the students' thinking! 

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