Thursday, February 28, 2013

Classroom Basket for Wass Fundraiser

Over half the class has donated money for our classrom basket for the Wass Fundraiser. Thank you!!! Below is a copy of the letter that was previously sent home.

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Character Study Project

The letter below went home with your child today. It explains the character study project, which is due next Friday, March 8. Check out the character examples below for ideas. If you have any questions, let me know!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Room 8 Update

Happy 100th Day!!!

Students had fun celebrating the 100th day of school!  They counted out $100 to create a crown and counted 100 steps from our classroom door to somewhere in the building.  Students worked on two-digit addition and subtraction math problems and colored their answers in to reveal the number 100 on a hundred grid.  They also enjoyed getting together with all first and second graders to swap their 100 items.

Reader's Workshop
Before we begin our next unit of study, we reviewed story elements this week.  Students listened to Erandi's Braids, and we worked on completing a story map together for the story.  During independent reading time, students worked on completing their own story map with a book they chose.  We reviewed setting, characters, problem, and solution.  Next week we'll finish our story map by completing the plot portion of the story map.

Writer's Workshop
This week we continued studying author's craft to improve our own personal narratives.  We focused on using exclamation points to show strong feeling.  We practiced writing similes--comparing two things using like or as.  Several students tried writing a simile in his/her personal narrative and shared with the group.  They did a great job!  We also focused on writing adjectives and adverbs to give readers a clear visual image of our writing.

Math Workshop
We have almost completed Unit 6.  We went ahead and reviewed several concepts from Unit 6 with the iPads to prepare for our unit test, which we will take on Thursday, February 21.  This week we focused on creating arrays to practice multiplication.  We also practiced solving multiplication word problems.  We will learn to solve division number stories next Wednesday as we complete Unit 6.

PJ Fort Day!
Students earned a reward from catching compliments.  They voted on a pajama fort day.  I think they had a lot of fun working in their forts on Friday.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Classroom Update and Welcome Back Mrs. Wood on Monday!

Readers Workshop
This week, we completed our Author Study. I used Kevin Henkes books, like Sheila Rae the Brave, to model to students how to complete the author study packet. Students worked on the Authors Theme or Purpose page where they used books by their author to find their authors message for writing a certain story. Good readers recommend their favorite books and authors to people they know. Students also completed the Recommendations page by suggesting to family members, friends, and teachers a book or all books by their author. You will see the completed Author Study packets come home on Monday. Ask your child about their favorite book by their author!
Writer's Workshop
Students continued to use Jonathan London as a model for their own writing. I noticed many students using sound words, dialogue, repeated words and repeated phrases in their writing when conferring with them. We read the story, Fireflies! by Julie Brinkloe and made Text-to-Text Connections to Jonathan London books. Students noticed that Julie Brinkloe used similes by comparing one thing to another and dialogue.
Math Workshop
This week, students continued Unit 6 of Everyday Math. We reviewed solution strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems within number stories. Students identified change, parts-and-total, and comparison number stories. Students used coins to find multiple ways to make $1.00.

We explored division by grouping with counters and counted dots in arrays.

Students learned a subtraction strategy by using base ten blocks. The class pointed out that sometimes they needed to trade a long (10 or 1 in the tens place) for 10 cubes in order to subtract because there were not enough in the ones place. Students need to show their work when trading a long for 10 cubes.
This week, students continued the Weather portion of our Air, Wind and Weather unit. Students have been tracking the weather on their Weather Calendars since the beginning of January. We used symbols to record our daily weather observations on our calendars. 

Students noticed what type of weather we had to most and least of. We read thermometers and discussed the differences between hot, warm, cool, cold and freezing on a thermometer. People use thermometers to measure the temperature. We need to know the temperature to help us decide what to wear when we are outside. Students learned about three main cloud types: Cirrus, Cumulus, and Stratus.

- 100th Day of School and Mrs. Woods 1st day back: Monday, Feb. 11th
- Valentines Day Parties: February 14th at 2:15 p.m. 
- Mid-Winter Break: Monday, Feb. 18th & Tuesday, Feb. 19th
- SPRING BREAK: March 29th - April 5th
I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure getting to know your child over the last few months. It was not easy filling the shoes of such an amazing teacher, like Mrs. Wood. I am sad to leave Mrs. Woods classroom, but happy for her to be back with her students! Thank you for all the time dedicated and support during my time in Room 8! There is a Valentines treat from me waiting for students when they return to school on Monday.
J Ms. Eckardt

Monday, February 4, 2013

Spelling Practice at Home

Looking for a fun way to practice spelling words at home with your child?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Classroom Update - Happy February

Readers Workshop
This week, we continued our author study. I used Kevin Henkes books to model to students how to complete the author study packet. Students worked on a page where they needed to look for similarities and differences between the authors texts. For example, Kevin Henkes used mouse characters in most of his stories (like Owen, Lilly, and Julius). In only one story did Kevin Henkes write about a human (Jessica), a kitten (Kittens First Full Moon), and a bear (Old Bear). Students also spend Readers Workshop time reading personal information about their authors. Each student wrote down facts that they found interesting about their authors life. For example, Kevin Henkes went to college to be an artist and only enjoyed writing as a hobby. Students also had to think about where their author gets ideas for writing stories, like from childhood, travel or interests. Class noticings about our authors:

Writer's Workshop
Students continued learning more about Jonathan London as a writer. We read Froggy Builds a Treehouse this week. Students pointed out things Jonathan London did in his writing, like using dialogue. The class learned how to use talking marks (quotation marks) around a sentence that someone is speaking. Students used comic strips to practice turning a speech bubble into written dialogue for a story. Students also worked on adding dialogue to their own stories, noticing who is speaking and what they are saying.

Math Workshop
This week, students started Unit 6 of the Everyday Math. Unit 6 focuses on estimates, partial sums addition, and graphing. We reviewed Ballpark Estimates and rounding.

Students remembered that if the number in the ones place is less than 4 they round down to the nearest tens and if it is 5 or more they round up to the nearest tens. Students learned the Partial Sums method for addition problems. For partial sums, add the tens place, add the ones place, and then add them together. Students learned how to collect data and then graph the information. We tallied favorite foods of classmates, then graphed our findings. The majority class favorite fell under the meat category!

This week, students completed the wind portion of our Air, Wind and Weather unit. Students created kites using paper, string, tape, and streamers. The class pointed out that kites, flags and bubbles help someone notice how windy it is outside.

We also started the weather portion of our science unit. Students have been tracking the weather during Morning Meeting and recording it on their own weather calendars in their science folders.

Social Studies
Students continued learning about landforms in Geography. Each student identified their favorite landform and described why it was their favorite. Students match landforms to their definitions.

Family Science Night
Thursday was Family Science Night at Wass. We had a great turn out from parents and students! It was so nice to see some smiling, familiar faces come visit in the Music room for the Visible Thinking routine. Here is the Compass Points routine that students created after reading an article on Clown Fish and Nemo:

- 100th Day of School and Mrs. Wood's 1st day back: February 11th
- Valentines Day Parties: February 14th at 2:15 p.m.
- Mid-Winter Break: February 18-19, 2013
- SPRING BREAK: March 29-April 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Info: