Sunday, February 17, 2013

Room 8 Update

Happy 100th Day!!!

Students had fun celebrating the 100th day of school!  They counted out $100 to create a crown and counted 100 steps from our classroom door to somewhere in the building.  Students worked on two-digit addition and subtraction math problems and colored their answers in to reveal the number 100 on a hundred grid.  They also enjoyed getting together with all first and second graders to swap their 100 items.

Reader's Workshop
Before we begin our next unit of study, we reviewed story elements this week.  Students listened to Erandi's Braids, and we worked on completing a story map together for the story.  During independent reading time, students worked on completing their own story map with a book they chose.  We reviewed setting, characters, problem, and solution.  Next week we'll finish our story map by completing the plot portion of the story map.

Writer's Workshop
This week we continued studying author's craft to improve our own personal narratives.  We focused on using exclamation points to show strong feeling.  We practiced writing similes--comparing two things using like or as.  Several students tried writing a simile in his/her personal narrative and shared with the group.  They did a great job!  We also focused on writing adjectives and adverbs to give readers a clear visual image of our writing.

Math Workshop
We have almost completed Unit 6.  We went ahead and reviewed several concepts from Unit 6 with the iPads to prepare for our unit test, which we will take on Thursday, February 21.  This week we focused on creating arrays to practice multiplication.  We also practiced solving multiplication word problems.  We will learn to solve division number stories next Wednesday as we complete Unit 6.

PJ Fort Day!
Students earned a reward from catching compliments.  They voted on a pajama fort day.  I think they had a lot of fun working in their forts on Friday.

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