Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Challenge Requires Perseverance

During Math Workshop, some students often finish their work early.  The early finishers are expected to try the math challenge from "the drawer".  Today's challenge was a word problem that had a group of boys stumped.  I listened as they said, "I don't get it."  After a few rounds of "I don't get it," I thought I should intervene.  I explained to the boys that I was not able to solve the problem after reading it the first time or even the second time.  Solving word problems such as this one requires a little perseverance.  I walked the boys through the steps to solve this problem.  I modeled how it helps to reread the problem and draw a picture.  If you feel like your child needs a challenge, work on problems like the one below to get them thinking!

Counting Cookies
There are a total of 52 cookies on 3 plates in my kitchen.  When I take away 14 cookies from the first plate, there are still 7 cookies left on the first plate.
There are 12 cookies on the second plate.
How many cookies are on each plate?
Solve the problem.  Show your work and explain how you solved your problem.


  1. e I am exited about this blog because it is my first time doing this it is fun.
    W I am worried that I will tip spell a word worg.
    by katherine

    W IF I will tipe slow
    S I think you should post pictures