Friday, November 30, 2012

Classroom Update

Reader's Workshop

Students are working on improving their fluency by noticing punctuation in a story. Students have been working with their Turn & Talk Partners on both listening for a storyteller voice and using a storyteller voice. We have been reading some Frog and Toad stories to help students understand dialogue. Students are learning the differences between the narrator of the story and a character speaking in a story. Students circled "talking marks" and used two colors to underline what each character said. Students are working on making connections to a story. They learned that a Text-to-Self Connection is when something in a story reminds you of something that happened in their own life.

Writier's Workshop
We read a retold story of the Gingerbread Man and discussed ways that we could catch the gingerbread man if he tried to escape! Students made a list of the materials they would need and jumped right into their first copy of their story. Students used a revision checklist and/or a partner to help edit their writing for the final copy. There are so many creative ways that they came up with, here are a few:


Math Workshop
This week, we started with Unit 4 in our Everyday Math Unit. We worked on Part-Part-Total to help students organize an addition problem. Students practiced using Start-Change-End to help notice the change or difference between numbers. Start-Change-End will come in handy when we dig a little deeper in temperature reading. Students worked with thermometers and learned the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Students will be practicing using thermometers and becoming more familiar with how to read them during this unit of math. We did a temperature review with an "I Spy" type activity where students had to walk around the room with a clipboard and record the temperature that all students made.

We jumped into our Weather, Air, and Wind unit this week. Students used the Think, Puzzle, Explore routine with what they know, what they wonder about and how they can find out more about air and weather. Students accessed thier prior knowledge with the I Think I know and Now I know routine with sunshine, wind, rain, and snow. Students started assembling their Air and Weather folders that will help them keep keep the experiments and weather tools organized.

Social Studies
We will be finishing Unit 3 very shortly. We will review maps and map reading on Monday and take the test on Tuesday.

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