Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Classroom Update and Have a Happy Turkey Day!

Reader's Workshop
Students are working on being fluent readers. We have been focusing on using a storyteller voice while reading. I have been modeling to students how punctuation marks give us clues as to how a story should sound, such as slowing down for a comma, pausing for a period, sounding excited for an exclamation mark, or using a different voice for quotation marks. Good readers use a fluent voice to sound like a storyteller.

Math Workshop
We wrapped up Unit 3 and we will start Unit 4 on Monday, November 26th. Over the long holiday weekend, practice making change and using money with your child.

Social Studies
We have been working with and studying the importance of maps. We read two stories, Me on the Map and Map on My Lap, to help students get a better understanding of maps and how we can use them.

Students were very excited to make their very own Me on the Maps with their planet, continent, country, state, city and house. These are in the process of being displayed in the classroom by the back door.

We will start a new two week unit of spelling words after break. Unit 6 Spelling Words will be passed out on Monday, November 26th and the next spelling test will be on Friday, December 7th.

Enjoy a lovely long weekend with your families! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! : ) Miss Eckardt

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