Friday, November 9, 2012

Classroom Update

Reader's Workshop
We focused on retelling stories. We read several fiction stories together and then practiced retelling the stories to our Turn and Talk Partners. I taught students what important things to include in a story retelling. In a story retelling, good readers include the main characters, setting, problem, solution, and important events in order.

Writers Workshop
This week students transformed themselves into turkeys. We read Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey and brainstormed other foods we could eat at Thanksgiving besides turkey. I introduced a story planning sheet to them which they filled out with their own ideas. As turkeys, students started their persuasive writing pieces to convince turkey eaters to eat another food this Thanksgiving. They started their introduction paragraphs with exciting leads (like Wait! or What will you eat  to get the readers attention.
Math Workshop
We are wrapping up Unit 3 shortly and will be taking the test next Monday (the 19th). This week, we worked with money, clocks and graphs. Students used different variations of coins to buy things, practiced telling time, and collected then interpreted data.

Students used Math Magician in computer lab this week to practice their fast fact skills. They are getting faster and faster!
Social Studies
This week, students learned the importance of a map. I hid a treasure in the classroom and students were put on a mission to find it. They were unsuccessful in their first attempt without a map. Students decided they needed clues or a map to help them with their search. We all made our own map of the classroom using a ruler to help narrow down the search. Once our map of the room was complete, I placed a red X on the map. Students quickly pointed to the location of the treasure and enjoyed their Play-doh reward. We discussed the importance of a map key.

:) Miss Eckardt

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