Friday, November 16, 2012

Classroom Update

Reader's Workshop
This week, we continued to focus on retelling stories. We worked on improving our story retelling so that it includes enough important details. We practiced using Time Words, like "first," "next,"        "last," and "finally." We read fiction and non-fiction stories, and then practiced retelling the stories to our Turn and Talk Partners using Time Words. You should start to see retelling work in your child's guided reading bag.

Writers Workshop
We continued to work on our persuasive turkey writing pieces. Students had to visualize and imagine what life would be like as a turkey if Thanksgiving was approaching. We discussed and wrote reasons with supporting details why people should eat other food this year instead of turkey. As turkeys, students finished their convincing letter to turkey eaters. All writing pieces had to include an introduction, three reason paragraphs and a closing in order to convince their reader.
Come take a look, they are hanging in the hallway by the Media Center.

Math Workshop
We finished Unit 3 lessons this week and on Friday we reviewed Unit 3 on iPads. I sent home a hard copy review to look over at home over the weekend. Students will be taking the test on Monday (the 19th). Unit 3 focuses on money, clocks and graphs. With money, students have really been focusing on paying more than an item costs and then using coins to make change.

Social Studies
We worked more with maps this week. Students had to follow written and listening directions in order to create a park map and a campground map. We reviewed the importance of directions. Noting that it makes a difference on a map if you are facing North, South, East, or West. We practiced using Direction Words on the maps, like "to the left of" or "below." Students learned how to use a grid on a map. They had to make their very own City Park, noticing the Key and Index to put objects from the park on the grid.

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