Saturday, May 25, 2013

Room 8 Update

Reader's & Writer's Workshop
We continued our study of nonfiction texts.  We read articles from National Geographic magazines and practiced finding the main idea and details of various articles.  Students also learned the difference between fact and opinion.  We also discussed how to infer the meaning of unknown words.  Students learned they can use the glossary or context clues when they come across a tricky word while reading nonfiction.  We are almost finished publishing our "All About" animal books.  Students have worked really hard on their book and are excited to share them with you on Friday at 2:30!

Math Workshop
We continued working through Unit 11 this week.  Lessons this week focused on multiplication and division number stories, two-digit subtraction with regrouping, and addition and subtraction money problems.  During game rotations this week, students reviewed multiplication arrays, measuring to the nearest 1/2 inch, telling time, and word clues in addition/subtraction/multiplication/division number stories.

Ethan locates various clocks around the room while playing "I Spy Time."
Chelsea carefully fills every square of her paper as she plays "Multiplication Tetris."
Katie measures the lengths of different "Wonka" candy bars to the nearest half inch.

Science & Social Studies
This week we continued our motion investigations.  Rather than focusing on spinning, however, we focused on rolling.  Students worked with partners to create wheel systems and rolling cup systems.  They learned how to create a system which tuns and rolls straight.  They also learned by adding weight to a wheel system, you can speed up or slow down the system.  

During social studies this week, students have learned a lot about Troy's History.  We have read about some of the early pioneers, homes from long ago, and school life.

Stephen demonstrates how he created a wheel system which turns.

Atom demonstrates how he created a wheel system that rolls straight.
Kate and Usayd attempt to solve the "park the car" problem.

Luke celebrates as he succeeds with the "fall on your face" problem.
Looking Ahead
Next week is going to be super busy in Room 8!  Wednesday is our field trip to the Troy Museum and Historic Village, Thursday is Field Day, and Friday afternoon is our Nonfiction Author's Celebration!

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