Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Science Review

Today we reviewed many concepts from our sound unit in class.  Your child is going home with his/her sound packet and also a review packet.  All of this work was completed together in class.  Below are some pictures of various sound experiments.

Lilly tests the slow and fast vibrations a ruler can make.  She knows a slow vibration makes a low pitch and a fast vibration makes a high pitch.
Justin makes a nail xylophone.  He learns the larger nail makes a low pitch and the smaller nail makes a high pitch.
After the nail xylophone experiment, Katie knows the longer keys will make a low pitch and the shorter keys will make a high pitch.  She also knows how to change the volume of her instrument.  She can tap lightly for a quiet sound and harder for a loud sound.
Ava hits the big tuning fork on the bottom of her foot to hear its low pitch.
Ethan feels his vocal cords working as he hums a tune.
Nicolas touches a tuning fork to the surface of water to see the vibrations.

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