Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Secret Pals

Tis the season for giving and caring!  Today students picked the name of a classmate who will be their secret pal for the next week and a half.  To be a secret pal all you have to do is show you care by doing three nice things (more if you like!) for that person before next Friday, December 21st.

The three nice things must be “acts of kindness.”  The best gifts come from the heart, not Walmart!  Think of all the examples we talked about in class, inviting them to eat lunch with you or play at recess, taking down their chair, getting their boots or lunchbox, giving them a really great compliment.  You could also draw a picture, make a card or do a simple paper craft as one of your acts of kindness.

On December 21st, you will give your secret pal a card and a small gift that you make yourself.  When you give your person their card and gift they will know their pal was you!  You will make the card and small gift at home.  As we discussed, the homemade gift should be made out of items you already have at home.  Do not buy anything!!!  Ideas we talked about for gifts include ornaments, bookmarks, decorations, jewelry or even anything from craft kits you may already have at home and haven’t used.  I have lots of craft materials and paper here, so ask me if you need anything!  If I have it you can use it!

Now, you want your identity to stay “secret” to your pal, so the smartest thing you can do is to do anonymous nice things for a few different people to make sure no one figures out exactly who their pal is too easily.

Have fun being nice!  Always remember, treat others the way you would like to be treated!
Parents: If your child forgets who their secret pal is, I have a master list just in case!

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