Sunday, October 21, 2012

Visible Thinking

Throughout this school year we will be engaged in various Visible Thinking routines in our classroom. These thinking routines will provide opportunities for students to generate deeper thinking and understanding through their learning.  The first routine we tried in Room 8 was Think, Puzzle, Explore.  This routine asks students to access prior knowledge (schema), wonder about the topic, and make plans to explore wonderings.  Below is a picture of our Think, Puzzle, Explore routine we completed together about the topic of bats.  I was really impressed about their thinking and wondering!  They also came up with some good ideas for exploring the topic of bats further.  Students are excited to learn more about bats.  We get started tomorrow with a visit from the Cranbrook Institute of Science.  Thank you for supporting bagel sales and thanks to a donation from our PTO for this wonderful opportunity!!

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